Services for companies and businesses

Services for companies and businesses include property and office managment starting with cleaning and ending with organization of company events, accounting and tax counselling. We are cooperating with tax specialists and auditors.

Our homemakers are ready to help you with management of your property, cleaning, maintenance, assistance with taxes, realization of company parties and other events. Furthermore we can establish a day care center and provide qualified personnel that will take care of children and their activities.

Prices don't include transport and material fees.


Professional cleaning to ensure you will be feeling comfortable in your office. A trained homemaker will be arranged as well as an alternate, who will come in case your regular homemaker isn't available. Our errors and omissions insurance applies to any potential damages. Work supervision is also included.
The fee is 180 CZK (excluding VAT) for an hour of work. If the length of work exceeds 16 hours a month, the fee is lowered to 150 CZK (excluding VAT).


Small scale maintenance of any kind.
For one time service the fee is 500 CZK (excluding VAT) for the first hour plus 200 CZK (excluding VAT) for every next hour.

    Garden architect

Garden architect will help you desing the perfect garden.
Negotiated price.

    Tax counsellor

Tax counselling for businesses.
The fee is 2 500 CZK (excluding VAT) for an hour of counselling.

    Babysitting in your company (regular)

Babysitting of one or more children at least 3 years old.
The fee for babysitting of one child is 180 CZK (excluding VAT) for an hour of work, if the length of work exceed 16 hours a month the fee is lowered to 150 CZK (excluding VAT) for an hour.
For every extra child there is an additional fee of 25% of the price.

    Company-provided day care center

Design and realization of day care center.
Day care center founding and grant requesting consultations.
There are several advatages of company-run day care centers:
•    money spent on day care centers as well as money paid as babysitting allowance can be included in company expenses
•    since the year 2008 companies can request grant from Pague city hall as a part of „Praha – Adaptibilita“ program
•    it is cheaper to provide day care center than to train employees to fill in for those on parental leave
•    only one room and one homemaker is necessary to run day care for five children
•    employees that are using day care center don't lose their parent contribution unlike those using state-owned kindergarten
The fee is 10% of the budget with the minimum fee of 15 000 CZK (excluding VAT).

    Company events

Design and  realization of a company event.
The fee is 10% of the event budget with the minimum fee of 15 000 CZK (excluding VAT).