Tips and tricks


Isn't good only for drinking. It can be used for cleaning amber, silvered metals and gold. Alcohol stains can be cleaned with peroxide.


To make your briefcase look new again, first wash it with water with vinegar. Wipe it with a cloth, mix beaten egg white with turpentine and rub it into your briefcase. Let it dry and polish it with a piece of flannel. The same thing can be done with shoes, purses etc.


To make old gems shine again, dip them into alcohol and then polish them with piece of flannel. You can also use sponge with water with few drops of vinegar. Don't forget to polish them afterwards.

    Ink stains

There are several ways of removing ink stains:
•    rubbing stained clothes with salt moistened with lemon juice
•    washing stained clothes in warm milk – wait till the milk goes sour and then wash the clothes normally
•    remove ink from parquete floor using lemon juice
•    remove ink from carpets by sprinkling it with TIX and washing it down with hot water

    Potato pancake

To make the preparation of potato cake easier, you can use your breadcrumbs grinder to grate your potatoes. To make potato cakes smoother, add a spoon of breadcrumbs. To save time, you can grate potatoes along with garlic.