Sport is one of the most important activities in our lives. Because of this we prepared services that offers opportunity to enjoy sports either as an individual or as a group.

We can arrange for yoga classes right at your home or office or group sports activities in nature or at a sport place.

Prices don't include transport and material fees.

    Company events

Design and realization of company event.
The fee is 10% of the event budget with the minimum fee of 15 000 CZK (excluding VAT).

    Sporting events

Sporting events of all kinds.
The fee is 10% of the event budget with the minimum fee of 10 000 CZK (excluding VAT).


Each of us has his own way of relaxing that helps us overcome our everyday cares and worries. Our next service is for those of you who like to enjoy a nice massage.

Relaxing and sports massage therapist

You can enjoy your massage right in your flat or office, our therapist will come to a place of your choice. Getting the massage in a familiar environment will help you to relaxe and make the massage even more pleasant. The massage is practiced using a special table and professional massage oils.
You can choose from two types of massage: relaxing and sports massage.